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New Technology Enhances Carreer Training

New Technology Enhances Career Training


It looks similar to a flat-screen television. But, as a 3D, interactive learning device, the EON Ibench Mobile is much more than that.

The EON Ibench Mobile is the newest addition to JobsOhio Region 2 Ready to Work career training opportunities offered to students in a 17-county northwest Ohio region. Area higher education institutions joined WSOS in October to learn about the new Ibench systems that will be provided to Ready to Work partners Northwest State Commu­nity College, Terra State Community College, Penta Career Center, Vantage Career Center as well as WSOS Community Action Commission.

The Ibench Mobile offers thousands of 3D object learning applications. When using the Ibench, the user puts on a pair of 3D glasses that allows him or her to see all dimensions of the object on the screen. Additionally, objects turn and twist in rela­tion to the viewer’s movements, giving a complete three-dimensional experience. Ibench Mobile also comes with a stylus to provide the user a chance to fully explore the object he or she is studying.

For example, a student interested in learning about how an engine works can open an application that not only shows the structure of an engine in three dimensions, but also gives the student a chance to examine each of the engine’s components as well as assemble and disassemble the engine.

With so many applications available, the Ibench Mo­bile can offer numerous training opportunities in a wide variety of health care, advanced manufactur­ing and other career opportunities offered through Ready to Work.

“The Ibench offers many possibilities,” WSOS Planning & Development Coordinator Kerrie Carte said. “We’re excited to be able to bring this level of advanced training to the Ready to Work program.”


Higher education partners participate in an EON Ibench Mo­bile training at 
Northwest State Community College’s Scott Park Campus location. The two-day 
training introduced partners to the Ibench Mobile, allowing them to learn how 
the 3D learning system works and how the device can enhance career training curriculum.

An example of a medical simulation application on the Ibench.


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