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Ready to Work

Ready to Work Ohio works with people from all over northwest Ohio ensuring they receive top-notch training and develop the soft skills needed so they are ready for employment opportunities at your company. There are two avenues to hire a Ready to Work Ohio participant:

On-the-Job Training

Through the $6.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, WSOS is able to offer on-the-job training opportunities, which allow us to pay 50% of an employees wages up to about $2,500. To qualify, participants must receive training in one of the occupations covered by the grant. For a listing, click here.

Our Workforce Development Assistant Director works with employers to find opportunities to benefit both the participant and the employer. Once an opportunity is identified, a career coach will work with the employer to draft an agreement between the employer and WSOS. At the end of the agreed upon training duration, the employer submits a verification of hours and invoice to WSOS for payment. It is that simple!

Direct Placement

Our graduates are well-trained, highly skilled, and ready to work! We produce employees with industry certificates and degrees in Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Environmental Sciences.

If an employer would prefer to hire one of our participants directly, a career coach is available to help the participant complete any necessary paperwork and orientation process. The career coach will follow the participant for up to one year after being placed with an employer to ease their transition and assist as necessary to ensure their success.

As a direct placement, there is no requirement for communication or paperwork between Ready to Work Ohio staff and the employer. We encourage employers to keep in touch with our staff regarding the employee’s performance, but this is at the discretion of both the employer and the participant.