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Latest Technology


3D Simulation Learning

Through the Ready to Work grant, WSOS was able to purchase 12 iBench mobile virtual learning environment systems. These systems allow students and teachers to view a 3D object which can be taken apart, put back together and viewed from all angles. Currently, there is a library of more than 7,000 objects available through the iBench system such as motors, human anatomy and machinery that students can virtually dissect.

Check out this video to see an iBench mobile in action!

All partner learning institutions received this equipment to enhance their existing curriculums. By utilizing the iBench, our partner learning institutions will be able to provide participants a new level of understanding in their chosen field. Additional objects can be created using grant funds if there is a significant need by one of our area employers.

Numerous studies have shown the efficacy of adopting visualization/simulation tools in the classroom. These systems allow our partner learning institutions the ability to teach participants by physically doing the work they would perform on job sites while in the safety of a classroom.

Virtual Learning

In addition to the 3D simulation learning systems, Ready to Work Ohio has purchased and upgraded existing web conferencing equipment at a few partnering institutions. Online courses have reached a new level through web conferencing equipment. Online classrooms are now live and interactive so students can participate in a class taking place thousands of miles away.

This technology benefits our higher learning institutions and participants. Our post-secondary education centers can now hold a class of just a few people without busting their budget to pay an instructor. Now they don’t have to cancel classes due to lack of interest as they have the ability to team up with other institutions that are offering similar courses.

Participants are able to take courses without waiting for a class to be completely filled by a school. Classes can be smaller and they can still receive the personal interaction through appointments with tutors if necessary.

Interested in taking courses that are utilizing this technology? Contact a career coach today!