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Ready to Work?

If you are currently unemployed or under-employed the sections below will provide some helpful information to get you back to work in a long-term, in-demand occupation.

What is Ready to Work?: Description of the Ready to Work Ohio program

Are you eligible?: Ready to Work Ohio eligibility requirements

What career choice fits you best?: Our Ready to Work career coaches put together a short guide to assist those that might not know what career choice fits them best. At the end of the guide, there are some career assessment tools listed that delve a bit deeper and produce some results that might help determine a career path perfect for your personality and skills.

Where can I receive training?: A list of partner and non-partner institutions where participants can receive training while enrolled in the Ready to Work program. The list is not comprehensive, as other institutions can be added if they offer qualified programs.

Who do I contact?: Find out who the career coach is in your area and their contact information to get started with Ready to Work.

Under-employed?: A more focused look at what it means to be under-employed according to the Ready to Work Ohio program.

Employment Resources: A list of employment resources available to anyone looking for employment. Sections include job seeking, career information, unemployed support, financial aid and admissions processes, resume building and marketing, and veterans services.

Other employment and training programs: Information on the other employment and training programs offered by WSOS outside of Ready to Work Ohio. Visit http://www.wsos.org/programs.php