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What Field Fits You Best?

We all have different skill sets, interests, work history, work/personal experience, environments and expectations. Below are some examples of what you should consider when thinking through this important decision. If you prefer to talk to a career coaches about your options, feel free to contact us.

What are your natural talents? What projects or tasks have you completed lately that received good feedback? Did you enjoy those projects or tasks while you were doing them? Did it take more or less effort than you anticipated? Acknowledging your natural talents will help you identify which career fields might fit better than others. With proper training and education we’re capable of strengthening skills that don’t come naturally, but those tasks usually end up feeling more like work.

What’s your work preference? People can have very different work styles and your style should be taken into consideration when choosing a career. Your work preference may conflict with your career choice so take some time to research the average work style for the careers you are evaluating. Identifying where you thrive will be the key to your success. For example, do you prefer to work alone or collaborate with others? How do you plan out your day? How do you communicate with others? Do you like working in a team setting? Do you like to concentrate on details or the big picture?

Where do you want to be located for work? Are you willing to relocate or travel to find employment in your field? What’s your preferred work location? Would you prefer to work outdoors or indoors? Do you like to drive long distances for work or when commuting to your worksite?


Try taking one of the career assessments below to help you choose a field that fits you.