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What is Ready to Work?

WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. applied and was awarded a $6.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor in November 2014. The purpose of this grant program is to expedite the employment of Americans struggling with long-term unemployment in northwest Ohio. Learn more about the Department of Labor Ready to Work Initiative by visiting the About Ready to Work page.

The program provides training, in demand occupations and career coaching support. These services and job placement assistance are available to eligible long-term unemployed, veterans and their spouses. In some cases, long-term under-employed residents of 17 northwest Ohio counties. Click here to see if you maybe eligible for enrollment for this program.

The Ready to Work Ohio initiative offers training in health care, advanced manufacturing, information technology, and environmental services. To learn more about careers within these industries, visit the occupations page or find out what field fits you best.

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